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Basic Cake Decorating

Adult Enrichment -
Winter/Spring 2023

Introduction to Cake Decorating. Decorate an 8” celebration cake to take home and gain skills in shell borders, writing, stars and rosettes. This class is open to those 12 years and older. Plan to pay the instructor a $12 supply fee the day of class. There will be starter kits available to take home for an additional $12.00. 

*Please note the start time has changed to 6:30pm.  This is different than what was published in the paper catalog. 

Diana Hirte


Diana has been cake decorating for over 35 years and is a Certified Wilton Instructor. She has been teaching for over 12 years at many different venues teaching thousands of students the art of cake, cupcake and cookie decorating. With her continued training she has all the latest decorating skills including, fondant cakes and gum paste flowers.

Diana also is a flower designer and has done flowers for many weddings. Diana truly loves sharing her skills with others.

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  Diana Hirte

Tilden - Tilden Community Center : 117 - Conference Room
Thursday, Feb 2
6:30 - 8:30 PM


Min Age   12 yr.

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