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Community Education is a philosophy of education which provides a process of identifying community needs and community resources and matching the two together to promote the total development of the individual and of the community.  Community Education believes that education is a lifelong process.  It expands the concept of education from kindergarten through grade 12 to all community members.

Community Education in Hastings School District #200 strives to maximize the use of all available community resources to meet the emerging social, educational, and recreational needs of learners in our community.  The Hastings School District #200 Community Education program is operated, in part, under a joint powers agreement with the City of Hastings and the District #200 Board of Education.  Through this formal agreement the financial, human and physical (facility) resources of both governmental units are maximized in an effort to provide a variety of programs and services to all school district residents.

Vision of Community Education

“Reach All – Teach All – Learn from one another.”

Mission of Community Education

“To enhance the quality of life of all community members through lifelong learning opportunities.”

Community Education Theme

“Opportunities for a Lifetime.”

Community Education Belief Statements

The Individual:

Community Education helps every individual to realize his/her own unique skills and strengths, and builds awareness of how each individual can contribute to a healthy, safe and vibrant community.

The Family:

Community Education believes in the importance of healthy families and supports parents in their efforts to raise responsible, caring children.

The Community:

Community Education provides opportunities for all members of the community to teach and learn together in an environment that respects diversity and inclusion, promotes common values, and creates a sense of community connectedness.

The Education System:

Community Education maximizes the local resources to provide lifelong learning opportunities that expand knowledge and skills for all learners and seeks to strengthen collaborative efforts with the K-12 program.