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  • Be A Voice-Over

    Instructor, Dan Matha - Such a Voice min 4/max 25 In what could be the most enlightening 2 hours you’ve ever spent, this class will show you how you can actually begin using your speaking voice for commercials, films, videos, and more. Most people go about it the wrong way. In this introductory class, you will learn about a unique, outside the box way to break into this creative, fulfilling, and potentially lucrative industry. Voice-overs can be managed on your own terms, on your own turf, in your own time, and with minimal overhead! Whether you choose to pursue voice-overs part-time or full-time, this could be the game changer you’ve been looking for.
  • Stamp-A-Stack "All Occasion"

    Instructor, Roxie Nitti Min. 3/Max 10 Make 12 cards (3 cards of 4 designs each) with matching envelopes. Plan to pay an additional $15 directly to the instructor for the card kit the day of class. Bring your Essentials Kit (scissors, adhesives, and bone folder). If you do not have an Essential Kit, the instructor will have one available for purchase at class at an additional charge.
  • Everything You Want To Know About Medicare

    Greg De Keuster Min 2 An educational presentation for anyone who wants to know more about Medicare. Topics will include Parts A, B, C, & D of Medicare, application process, estimated costs, supplements, MAPD, and when is the right time to sign up. This is an ideal course for people that are turning 65 or over 65 and coming off their employer medical plan
  • So You are the Executor or Trustee... Now What?

    Instructor, Steve Ledin In this class we will learn and discuss the roles, responsibilities, and liabilities of a person who is appointed as the Executor, Trustee, Power of Attorney, HealthCare Agent and Guardian in Minnesota. This class is invaluable for those trying to decide whom to appoint as well as for those who have been asked to take one of these legal roles. We will discuss common experiences and pitfalls of serving as an Executor and answer questions like: What is involved in opening an estate? How much court time is required? What is involved in closing the probate and preparing the final accounting? This class encourages questions. We will provide the answers. Tilden Community Center, room 108
  • Why You Can't Always Trust Your Trust

    Instructor, Steve Ledin The trust is a very popular component and tool to be used in our Estate Planning. However, there are a variety of vastly different Trust options to be used and the question arises: "Am I using the right Trust for my needs and goals?" Often used Trusts include: Living Trusts, Testamentary Trusts and Irrevocable Trusts, each serves a different purpose, each has a different result. One common problem that often needs addressing is the over-utilization of the Living Trust for goals or problems that it does not resolve. For example, "Does my Living Trust protect my assets against Medicaid and the nursing home?" The answer is probably not. The Irrevocable Trust and the Testamentary Trust each have their strengths and weaknesses as well. We will clearly define the strengths and weaknesses of these different types of Trusts and when to use them. Explore your goals and wishes to see where they fall in the realm of Trusts. Class encourages questions and we hope to provide answers that will set your mind at ease or assist you in the decision making in this area
  • 90 Minutes with an Estate Planning Attorney

    Instructor, Steve Ledin We all have goals. Sometimes our goal is to gift assets to others- while we are alive? After I have passed? What about Estate Tax & Gift Tax Planning? Should I gift my money away in a Will, or a Trust? Would I qualify for Medicaid? What is the 60-month claw back? What if my spouse goes into the nursing home and exhausts our money? What about my current Trust; does it avoid the nursing home? Most people believe that their trust shields the assets from the nursing home and creditors. Many people may be wrong! We will walk through these questions and many more, including how to plan and place your assets to meet your retirement, your nursing home goals, and after you have passed.
  • Fall-Fest Crafters & Artisan Vendors

    Sat Oct 15 9am-2pm Tilden (Non-Electric $45) (Electric Site $60) Save the date for our annual Fall Fest event at Tilden Community Center. Register to sell your craft and artisan items at our event on Saturday, October 15, 2022. A nonrefundable deposit is required by September 15th to secure your 8x5’ area. Further details will be shared later. Registration prices increase $10 after September 15th. Save $5 by registering in person at Tilden and paying with cash or check.